UP crowdfunding, the European platform for start-ups and non-profits organizations

UP crowdfunding, the European platform for start-ups and non-profits organizations

What is crowdfunding? The collective funding of projects that breaks down the barriers of traditional fundraising.

  • UP No Profit the channel dedicated to solidarity projects promoted by non-profit organizations, associations, or social cooperatives.

    From the insights of the Chef Massimo Bottura and Director Davide Rampello,
    a project to feed the soul and
    to generate energy for life.

  • UP Business, the channel dedicated to the most creative and innovative projects designed for start-ups, young people and prospective entrepreneurs. Enter

    by acrm net
    A new way to work : we work in the future. In acrm net we're working with Augmented Reality to help people in their work, to understand what it happens around them simply pointing it.


UP contest, the innovative solution to launch competitions online and amplify your marketing strategies

Launch a prize competition, a contest for projects of innovation, research, design, photo and video productions.
Promote your research with an announcement. Participate in a contest and develop your idea.

  • UP Contest

    With UP contest you can manage and administer online contests and competitions, manage remote voting, define the evaluation criteria: all in one portal.
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    by EUROPEANA FOOD & DRINK Projects submission: 15 Oct / 20 Dec 2015
    Europeana Food and Drink launches a contest for "Reworking Digital Heritage of Food and Drink to Create Material Productions".
    Competitors are requested to submit a 2D product or a 3D product, by re-using Europeana Digital Library content.
    Challenge is promoted in collaboration by IAPH – Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Historico, Sevilla and DigiLab Sapienza, University of Rome. Winners and best products will be presented at the Challenge Award Event taking place on January 29, 2016, in Sevilla.


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